The Länta-hut of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)

... is located below a mighty rock for 103 years.

The hut as well as the business has always been adapted to tradition and modernity in equal measure. Only the personal character, the alpinistic ambiance and the surrounding mountain landscape haven’t changed at all.

Located in the center of the Adula-Alps, which have stayed untroubled by the mass tourism, the Länta-hut SAC offers their visitors a very close contact to the high-altitude mountain.

The fascination is generated by opposites, being close together: Stone and water, rock and ice, alpine pasture and mountain peaks engrave the Länta.

Though hiking to the hut is quite easy and enjoying, the different possibilities from the Hut to other destinations are very demanding.

There are several possibilities for hiking and mountaineering while summer as well as during the winter. But if you think the Länta is a hut only for the proficient alpinist, the way to the hut will disabuse you.

Due to the beauty of the places around the Zervreilasee and the Valser Rhein, the hospitality of the Lampertschalp, the tricky grips in the crags and the fine sand on the borders of the rivers families with children have discovered the Länta a long time ago

In the farthermost back of the Valsertal, between Zervreilasee and Rheinwaldhorn on over 2000 meters above sea level:


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Avalanche bulletin

In the summer and autumn, avalanche bulletins are published only in the event of heavy snowfall. Even if the SLF does not publish an avalanche bulletin, due consideration is to be given to the avalanche situation especially if snow has fallen recently. The criteria governing the publication of an avalanche bulletin in the summer and autumn are described in the Interpretation Guide. Depending on the snow and avalanche situation, the regular publication of avalanche bulletin recommences in November/December.
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